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 Restaurants for Sale in Atlanta

About Atlanta Restaurant Exchange

"The Restaurant Specialist"


"After developing relationships and building a database
of Thousands buyers, Negotiating succesful commercial leases,
and the successful sale of many of our listings, we have
quickly emerged as an industry leader. "

Having been in the Restaurant Business in Aiken SC and Augusta Georgia
for 17 years, and owning restaurants in Charlotte North Carolina
for 14 years, and buying and selling his own restaurants,
Restaurant brokerage was a natural transition for Doug Marranci.

Several successful years with the largest Restaurant Broker
in the US, and transactions with Mom and Pop stores as well as franchisees
of Jersey Mike's and Moe's made the decision to open
a Restaurant Real Estate Brokerage in Atlanta a no-brainer.

After seeing the many successful restaurants,
and sheer volume of restaurant customers,
we knew there was room for our niche market.

Our internet marketing is second to none. When you search for
a restaurant for sale, you will see our listings.

We are working with more than
50 commercial and residential agents
to share our experience and help
their customers find the perfect location.

We work with our clients to understand
their needs, and find a location that fits.

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Restaurants For Sale in Atlanta...

Why Choose Atlanta Restaurant Exchange?

• Experienced in the Marketing and Sale of Restaurant Operations.
• Experience in the Food Service Industry
• Analytic capabilities unique to Restaurants and Food Service Establishments
• Experience in Real Estate
• Understanding of the Concerns and Needs of both Sellers and Buyers.
• Accountability in Selling Your Restaurant
• Integrity: Service is our only product.
• Attention to Details and Follow Through

• Experience with the Marketing and Sale of Restaurants

We are Experts in National and International Marketing
and will work to promote an efficient sale at the highest reasonable price.

While our fees are paid by the seller, our agents
will confidently represent the interests of everyone.

We represent all facts, and only facts that can be substantiated.

We negotiate with certainty based on our experience, integrity and analysis.

We work with all clients to build a great future
for their new business, as well as continuing to
an excellent reputation for our business with fair and honest dealing.

We have been involved as owners in the purchase and sale of 6 restaurants, We know what
an owner faces when buying or selling a restaurant.

We have the experience to make the transaction proceed as smoothly as possible, with
professionalism and excellent communication with our clients.

• Experience in the Food Service Industry

The managing partners of Atlanta Restaurant Exchange have been owners and operators of
Food Establishments that range from Coffee Houses, Cafés and Quick Service Restaurants to
Mediterranean and Up-market Themed Full Service Restaurants.

Our agents have a background in the Restaurant Business as well.

This familiarity with the business and the owners of restaurants allows us to begin our relationship
with a high level of trust, since we are communicating on the same experienced level.

This affords our staff a unique perspective in evaluating and marketing
your business. Enabling our firm to represent you as either seller or in finding
the perfect location for a buyer in a more confident and efficient way.

• Analytic capabilities unique to Restaurants
and Food Service Establishments

Our partners and staff members have backgrounds in both finance and banking
with combined experience exceeding Fifty years.

As a result we have the capability of analyzing and valuing your Business in a Professional manner
that conforms to ordinary institutional practice and standards and detects every value
that you may have to include as an asset in your sale.

This assures our clients that the properties we represent are valued
at a reliable price, reasonable and fair to both Buyers and Sellers,
thereby avoiding the pitfalls of overvaluation
and the unfortunate consequences of undervaluation.

We therefore work with the seller to establish a fair and equitable price for both parties to the transaction.

Good valuation by an experienced agent promotes a quick sale and satisfaction for the seller,
and a road to success for the buyer.

• Experience in Commercial Real Estate

Our Brokers and Agents are Licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.
and are licensed in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida.

Every salesperson has met the educational requirements of the
Georgia Real Estate Commission and posess a current license.

Knowledge of Contract law as well as due diligence requirements
will assure a sucessful transition and an on time closing.

• Understanding of the Concerns
and Needs of both Sellers and Buyers.

Both sellers and buyers have concerns that are first of all unique to a Particular
property and more generally, the Industry as a whole.

Our staff understands these concerns and works diligently to address them as early as possible;
many of them have confronted these concerns in the past, both for themselves and for clients.

Our empathy with the buyers and sellers enables us to serve both as efficiently as possible.
Both can enter the transaction with confidence and assurance.

• Accountability in Selling Your Restaurant

Communicating regular updates on the progress of a sale are a part of our business routine.

We keep in close contact with our clients assuring them that they are
being represented in the most effective manner possible.

Weekly contact with clients builds confidence
and keeps closing issues from becoming last minute problems.

We keep detailed records of all contacts and
provide this information to owners
so they can stay on top of the progress of the sale.

• Integrity: Service is our only product.

Service without integrity is no service at all.

Our clients must be able to rely on us and on those who represent them honestly and fairly.

Our reputation for square dealing is unparalleled. We handle our client's properties as if they were our own.

All funds are held in trust until they are distributed to the parties. Atlanta Restaurant Exchange employees
will represent all facts known to them concerning a particular property.

We will not shade the truth to promote a sale.

We strive as much as possible to match
an investor with an appropriate business opportunity.

The success of a new owner is a benefit to everyone concerned.

• Attention to Details and Follow Through

The sale or purchase of an exisiting or new business is complex and detailed. We attempt
to relieve the client of as much of that burden as possible.

We assist in the daunting task of organizing a balance sheet and locating the documentation
necessary to ensure a sucessful evaluation to present to prospective buyers.

Our attorneys are thoroughly versed in the extensive documentation necessary
to promote a quick and smooth closing and to protect the interests of all parties.

Our attorneys are a neutral third party, who represent the interest of the transition
and documentation which protects the seller and the buyer.

Following though and insuring the proper closing and turnover is a big part of our service.

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404.892.4999 Phone
404.892.4992 Fax

1708 Peachtree Street NW
Suite 520
Atlanta Georgia 30309

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Agent Assistant: JR Santos 404-892-4999

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The images on this page are for representation purposes only.

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representation about it. Any projections, opinions, assumptions or estimates used are for example only and do not represent the current
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to determine to your satisfaction the suitability of the property for your needs.

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